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  • Types of hot stamping machines

    For hot stamping machines, let’s take a look at the types of hot stamping machines. 1. Manual hot stamping machine: The manual hot stamping machine is simple to operate, the hot stamping quality is easy to operate and the machine is small in size, but the speed of the hot stamping machine i...
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  • Why is deep embossing technology favored by the printing industry?

    The surface treatment effect of traditional printing and packaging is actually very general. In order to make our packaging products more beautiful, traditional technologies generally use lamination or screen printing technology for surface treatment. Although post-printing technology has made gr...
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  • Do you know the correct method for debugging and operating the embossing machine?

    The embossing machine is an important equipment for surface finishing of printed materials, paper products, plastics, and leather. It is widely used for embossing on the surface of packaging decoration, product advertising, book and magazine covers, color box tissue, invitations, and other specia...
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  • Do you know all about hot stamping machines?

    Hot stamping refers to the process of hot stamping electrochemical aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. The images and texts printed by hot stamping of electrochemical aluminum present a strong metallic luster, with bright colors and never fade...
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  • How to avoid uneven hot stamping with a fully automatic hot stamping machine?

    To avoid uneven hot stamping in a fully automatic hot stamping machine, you can pay attention to the following points: 1. Adjust temperature and pressure: Reasonably adjust the temperature and pressure of the hot stamping machine according to the characteristics of the hot stamping material and b...
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  • Tips for purchasing fully automatic hot stamping machines

    When purchasing a fully automatic hot stamping machine, you can consider the following tips: 1. Functional requirements: Determine the required functions based on actual needs. Fully automatic hot stamping machines usually have different hot stamping methods (such as flat hot stamping, le...
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  • The hot stamping principle of the fully automatic flat press hot stamping machine

    The hot stamping principle of the fully automatic flat-press hot stamping machine mainly uses high temperature and pressure to evenly press the metal foil and color pigments on the hot stamping foil or heat transfer printing foil onto the surface of the hot stamping material to form rich and dive...
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  • Safety operating procedures for fully automatic die cutting and hot stamping machines.

    The safe operating procedures for automatic die cutting and hot  stamping machines are as follows: The hot stamping machine team leader is responsible for supervising the safety of the hot stamping machine crew. Before operating the hot stamping machine, workers must wear work clothes and work sh...
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    Tangshan Xinlian Printing Machinery Group Co., Ltd. joined hands with Yutian Kstar Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. to participate in the Malaysian WEPACK ASEAN 2023 from 11.22-24, and visited local customers to further develop the Southeast Asian market.   Three models of laminating machines, d...
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  • 22 safety precautions that carton factories need to know

    Matters needing attention before carton production: 1. Operators must wear work clothes with waist, sleeves and safety shoes at work, because loose clothes such as coats are easy to get involved in the exposed shaft of the machine and cause accidental injuries. 2. All machines must be checked for...
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  • Post-press technology: Solve the problem of paper moving when laminating

    The movement of the color box when laminating will cause problems such as surface sticking, dirt and die-cutting movement, and it is also one of the most difficult problems to control in the paper laminating process. (1) When the surface paper for laminating color printing is thin and curled, the...
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  • Difficulties and countermeasures in carton processing and die-cutting process

    Difficulties and countermeasures in carton processing and die-cutting process

    At present, the main problems faced by carton printing factories are long time for plate change, poor printing to cutting accuracy, poor die-cutting quality, excessive paper wool, too many and too large connection points, irregular trace lines, slow production speed, and scrap rate. higher. This ...
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